The value of an independent agent

Whether you need auto, home, life or business insurance, you can take care of all your coverage needs through a single agent. 


The experience is more personable than phoning a call center. You receive individual attention while shopping for a policy, submitting a claim, and resolving issues. 


Independent agents are not limited to the policies held by one insurer. They are free to shop for products that best suit your goals and that save you money.

Unbiased advice insurance

A good independent agent is like a good realtor; they don’t want you to settle for just anything. They want you to choose the option that makes you happy. 

Peace of mind insurance

You get the peace of mind knowing that a professional, who is on your side, researched the thousands of options to provide you with the best. 

Local Knowledge insurance

Independent agents often live and work in the areas that they serve. If there are factors that could influence a policy in your area, they will know about them.

community support insurance

Supporting your local agent helps local business. Plus, agents are often active in their communities as coaches, volunteers and leaders.

understanding insurance

Independent agents are great listeners and communicators. They desire long term relationships. To them, you are much more than a policy number. 


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